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During the mid-nineties a band formed on outer Cape Cod called HURRICANE. They exploded onto the music scene and were soon dubbed "The Hardest Working Band on Cape Cod" by the CAPE COD TIMES. Two of the original members re-grouped to create BOOM BOOM BABY in the same spirit as the original band.

The formula is simple: Take the most popular genres of music - Modern & Classic Rock, Blues, Funk, R&B and Reggae and play the best, most danceable and fun tunes of each. The result is a party band that makes the audience dance, laugh and have fun.

Communication is a quintessential human need. The several ways of communication include text, speech and gestures. While text alone is of different kinds, each of them is as beautiful as the other. Of the kinds of communication that are considered artistic, music is one of the most popular and widely practiced variety. Every region of the world has music specific to its culture that signifies the attitude of its people and essentially talks about the beauty of life. More than being considered just art, music is a source of knowledge and a way of life for millions of people across the world.

One of the most popular ways of enjoying music is by performances. An artist or a group of artists may organize concerts, invite people and perform individually or as a group. Such performances are not exclusive to music and may include dance or other forms of entertainment. Theatrical performances may also include music recitals to provide the audience diverse entertainment on a single platform. These performances date back to several thousands of years and history predicts Roman amphitheaters and Greek opera houses to have organized such events. Performing live is one of the most popular forms of entertaining today with certain artists attracting crowds estimated to a hundred thousand for a single concert.

Despite immense popularity of live performances, the fact remains that they are not readily accessible. Music cannot be heard live whenever a person desires to and hence, recorded media is much sought. With the advent of gramophone records and magnetic tape, the evolution of mass entertaining reached new scales and all kinds of music reached out to people from every region of the world. Recorded media, particularly music albums helped spread music as a religion which aided global cultural exchange. With the distinction of bringing people together, recorded music went on to become one of the most popular human innovations in history.

Today, music can be accessed at any time from any location using mp3 players, compact disks, cellular phones, radios and computers. Music albums in the form of compact discs continue to rule the entertainment market despite the atrocities of piracy and facilities like flash memory on which music can be downloaded. An artist's or a band's complete collection of songs can be purchased as a box set which not only provides quality entertainment but can also be valued as a collectible. Boxed set music albums are popular among music patrons all over the world and serve as great gifts to loved ones.

Possessing boxed set music albums is a great way to uphold the passion for music and celebrate the sanctity of art. Nearly every artist has a collection of compilations available as a set which their fans keenly treasure, helping to promote the commercial aspect of music. Music albums are a great way to appreciate music and while such sets are excellent ways to preserve the music one loves listening to, they can also be passed on from a generation to another generation of music lovers.

Uniqueness is one of the characteristics of every individual; figuring out the complex process is beyond human comprehension therefore best left alone. If someone in their idle time would jot down his differences to another person, the sun already set and exhaustion incurred still the list would be undone. Amidst the differences is a trait common to everyone, a resemblance not hard to figure out and an overt mystery that no one would even bother to ask for further proof or explanation. Boxed set music albums are one of the demonstrations of people's incessant love for music regardless of nationality, religion, social status and educational background.

A worker in a field hums a tune under the scorching heat of the sun, a board employee whispering a song while waiting for the sluggish printer to finish its job, or a group of juvenile singing in unison the top song in the chart during their break; melomania seems a malady that needs no cure. With boxed set every day will be filled with music to be enjoyed by everyone. Boxed set or box set is used interchangeably that refer to a collection especially an album of a certain artist adhering to a genre. The set is typically composed of three discs but greater number is expected to artists with greater achievements.

Well-known artists as well as bands that topped the chart would likely to release boxed set music albums. These are composed of previously released albums; often includes rare and not-yet-released tracks. One's passion for a particular genre while not having favoritism with a given artist is satisfied in a box set dedicated to jazz, opera, rock and roll, pop and other genres.

Anyone wanting so much in a single purchase of their favored artists would have a great deal with box set music albums. You could complete your collection with the previous album of a particular artist, which never reached your paycheck or the record store runs out quickly as soon as it hit the market. Though these albums were released even before you were born one can guarantee a box set is in good condition and clear sound especially if bought straight from the store and not a just a second-hand one. Additional treats are included and varies from one box set albums to another giving any music fanatics a deal that is hard to turn down.

With the Lights Out by Nirvana is the best-selling boxed set music album. Other famous artists such as Elvis Presly and Beatles have box set available on the Internet. By browsing on the net one can determine the albums included in the set. Reviews posted by satisfied buyers would help in making up one's mind when too many choices bring about confusion and when sellers' credibility is doubtful. Comparison and contrast should be tackled especially the price since quantity not to mention the popularity of the artist holds high regard and evidently, in price.

Rhino Records and Legacy Recordings are two of the popular companies who have produced box set music albums; proven by multiple Grammy awards. Great deals require much effort in seeking via the Internet, stores and collectors. One's acquisition shouldn't be the sole purpose of box set; wrap it up and send to someone whom you're aware of their penchant in the music of a given artist and they find you more endearing. Have a box loaded with music so you'll never be restricted wit limited choices or settle on what is available and least favored.


Boom Boom Baby