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The Thrills So Much for the City (DVD Audio, 2005)/ Promo Copy DVD Audio


World War Z (Blu-ray/DVD, 2013, 2-Disc Set, Digital Copy)Includes French Audio


VERY RARE Wyclef Jean - The Preacher's Son (DVD Audio, 2003) PROMOTIONAL COPY


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Reasonable Doubt (DVD, 2014,Audio, English & Francais )(NO DIGITAL COPY)


DVD - THE WOLVERINE (2013) Authentic DVD ENGLISH 5.1 Audio plus Digital Copy


Grateful Dead - American Beauty ORIGINAL (2001, DVD Audio) LAST COPY FOREVER


You're Next (DVD, 2014, Audio, English & Francais)(Digital Copy NOT Included)


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Sinister (DVD, 2013, Audio, English & Francais) (Digital Copy NOT Included)


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DREDD (DVD, 2012, Audio, English & Francais) (Digital Copy NOT Included)




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