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Boom Boom Baby! Find electronic music artists and more here!



Electronic Classix - Various Artists (CD 1996)


Unknown Artist Tazelaar: Electronic Compositions CD


Advanced Electronics, Various Artists, Good


Various Artists: Cream Chilled Electronic (3CDs) (2011)

3 CDs, Fully Guaranteed & Over 2 Million Reviews

13 Years of Electronic Lust by Various Artists (CD, May-1996, COP International)


Various Artists: Anthems Electronic 80S 2 (3CDs) (2010)

3 CDs, Fully Guaranteed & Over 2 Million Reviews

Various Artists, Electronic 80's, Volume 1 Audio CD


Various Artists: Advanced Electronics 3 (2CDs) (2007)

2 CDs, Fully Guaranteed & Over 2 Million Reviews

Various Artists, Musique Méchanique: Electronic Music from 1971 to 1994 Audio CD


Best '98 - Various Artists (1998 CD Album) 20 Trax. Pop/Dance/Rave/Electronic


Electronic Architecture by Various Artists (CD, Aug-2014, 3 Discs, Black Hole


Various Artists Electronic Chillage CD


Various Artists Century Xxi Electronics USA 1 CD


Various Artists electronic pleasure CD


Electricity: An Electronic Pop Sampler by Various Artists (CD, 2000) synthpop CD


Various Artists Jeans & Electronic CD


Radio Cix-various artists...electronic music..rare tape


Various Artists: X-Mix - The Electronic Storm CD (1996)

1 CD, Fully Guaranteed & Over 2 Million Reviews

Various Artists - Modern Electronics Volume One (CD)

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Boom Boom Baby