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Boom Boom Baby! Find industrial electronic music and more here!

Burial Hex -Book of Delusions CD industrial goth horror electronics


BOY DIRT CAR~ Winter - LP - 1987 ORIGINAL LP - Industrial Electronic - F/i


Pain Teens–Case Histories, LP, Electronic, Industrial, Noise, Experimental,


Whitehouse - Mummy And Daddy CD. Susan Lawly. Power Electronics. Industrial.


ENTROPY~ s/t - 1987 GREEN VINYL LP with Hologram Cover - Industrial, Electronic


Rare Cassette - Merzbow (S/T) - Industrial Electronics


Pain Teens‎–Beast Of Dreams, LP, Electronic, Industrial, Noise, Experimental


Whitehouse - Still Going Strong 7" RARE noise industrial power electronic


CABARET VOLTAIRE "The Arm Of The Lord" 1985 Caroline LP EX industrial electronic


Whitehouse - Halogen CD. Susan Lawly. Power Electronics. Industrial.


The Psychological Warfare Branch TAPE 1983 USA Private Industrial Electronic


Skinny Puppy - HanDover CD 2011 digi industrial electronic Synthetic Symphony


Whitehouse - Asceticists 2006 CD. Susan Lawly. Power Electronics. Industrial.


KRAFTWERK -THE MODEL/COMPUTER LOVE (UK Imp 7"sing)Electronic/Industrial*EMI 5207


Pedigree* Growing Apart* CD NEW DIGI* Electronic Industrial* Nailboard Rec.




Electronic/ Industrial "Robotiko Rejekto ‎– Rejekto! (Remix)" 1st PRess OOP NM-


A SPLIT SECOND Kiss Of Fury LP Antler-Subway ‎electronic industrial SEALED


Rare Mind Ripper/ The Van Richer Remixes Electronic Industrial Synth- POP OOP 19


BRUME Drafts of Collisions (1997 CD) CROWD CONTROL Electronic/Industrial SEALED

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Boom Boom Baby