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Boom Boom Baby! Find metal music samples and more here!

Heavy Metal Kids/ (same), Japan LP, Promo Sample Label, Very Rare!!!


【Matte Color Vinyl】Wrap Textured for Music & Home Furniture Surface Cover Skin


Waltari - Blood Sample(CD, Jun-2007, Locomotive Records (USA)) PROMO METAL


ROB WOLF Scratch Tracks RARE 1988 melodic metal demo tape hard rock HEAR SAMPLE!


CASTLE BLAK - Another Dark Carnival RARE 1987 sleaze glam metal tape HEAR SAMPLE


LETHYL rare 1990 heavy glam metal demo tape LIKE Twisted Sister Keel HEAR SAMPLE


NEW YORK - Carry the Torch RARE 1984 heavy metal demo tape HEAR SAMPLE!!!


RAISE THE DEAD - Free Your Soul RARE Christian heavy metal demo tape HEAR SAMPLE


Air Sample CD NEW


Five Finger Death American Capitalist JAPAN ONLY SHM CD PROMO SAMPLE


ANGELS IN EXILE rare 1992 USA thrash metal demo tape HEAR SAMPLE MP3!!!


KILHWCH rare 1993 USA thrash speed metal demo tape cassette HEAR SAMPLE!!!


ATUNGA rare 1990 hair metal glam demo tape like Extreme Aerosmith HEAR SAMPLE!!!


Metal Hammer Magazine November 2007 Dream Theater Porcupine Tree Sample CD


Triumph - A Sample of Triumph - Promo Vinyl 12'' Lp./ VG/ Hard Rock AOR Metal


WHITE TOWER - No One Escapes Fate RARE AOR Pomp metal demo tape HEAR SAMPLE!!!


Gardy-Loo - Stool Sample - sick funny death metal


SEDUCER - Trials and Tribulations RARE 1994 thrash metal demo tape HEAR SAMPLE!!


LT. ROCKS - Evil Man RARE 1990 demo tape hair band heavy metal HEAR SAMPLE!!!



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Boom Boom Baby